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August 09, 2019 - Part Time Manager

Areas: Fort Myers

Part time manager needed for a community in Fort Myers, 10-15 hours per week. Must have functional experience in using condominium manager software to manage the finances. The most productive part of the CAM would be working off site so they would not be interrupted and make needed phone calls to vendors, etc.


* Receive invoices, verify, code and produce checks for board signatures and mail to vendors.

* Bill, collect and deposit all maintenance assessments, including late charges and interest penalties into the association’s operating account.

* Send demand letters for past due maintenance assessments or fines.

* Prepare financial statements on a monthly basis.

* Prepare budgets and budget meetings.

* Administer, distribute, file, produce applications for alterations, clubhouse reservations, hurricane shutters, improvements, rentals, resales, etc.

* All board meetings will be coordinated and include scheduling, setting agendas and posting notices.

* Coordinate the entire process of rental and resale approval.

* Produce and follow up on all violations.

* Provide bidding services.

* Make regular, planned and unplanned visits to the community.

* Provide all changes and amendments to Chapters 718 as they become available.

* Provide the board with solutions to ongoing and preventive maintenance problems and bids and quotes.

* Supervise employees and contractors.

* Monitor contracts and oversee that all subcontractor work is being performed according to schedules and contract.

* Provide site visits to the association.

* Assist in developing specifications on special projects for bidding by outside contractors. Job #12625

They list the salary as "based on experience."

You may email your resume to Lisa@CondoJobs.com

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