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April 12, 2019 - Condominium Manager

Areas: Sarasota

Condominium manager for an association in Sarasota. Will work within policies and budget limitations established by the board and association documented guidelines and regulations to manage the daily operation of the association. Will report to the president.


* Hire and fire staff.

* Staff work schedules to train and evaluate their performance and make recommendations relative to salaries and benefits.

* Work effectively with legal and financial professionals.

* Select and hire maintenance contractors, verify their credentials and insurance, review performance, fire if necessary, follow up on warranty work and guarantees after completion.

* Perform background checks on potential owners and residents for evaluation by the board.

* Ensure proper functioning and maintenance of all elements of the common areas, including effective operation of the garage and parking areas, pool and landscape management, pest control and facility housekeeping.

* Ensure security and safety throughout the common areas and residences and of anyone in the community.

* Provide effective interface to proper insurance maintained by the association.

* Require entry and exit reporting to management of all contractors and verification of authorized entry into residences.

* Maintain effective common area entry and surveillance systems, a public address system and key and code storage for authorized and emergency access to all units.

* Ensure operational power and cooling infrastructure, communal pay as you go laundry facilities and association wide basic access to telephone, television, internet and Wifi services.

* Maintain timely and accurate records, including the official records of the association and make timely operations status reports to the board.

* Monitor and report on reserve projects, including operational liaison with the project contractors.

* Ensure timely and accurate bookkeeping practices and day to day cash and funds management, including timely banking deposits, tax and moneys due payments and assessment, fee and fine collection with a working awareness of legal options that may be necessary.

* Ensure owner and resident awareness of operations and events that will affect them, including association rules and regulations and responses required from owners and residents.

* Provide new owner and new resident orientation to the facilities, rules, etc.

* Manage necessary mailings.

* Respond to complaints and requests for common area alterations.

* Coordinate the scheduling and effective execution of association and resident events, from proper postings to site preparation, clean up and repair of any residual damage.

* Act as the daily information and action interface between the owners and the association. Job #12601

They list the salary as $45,000-$60,000.

You may email your resume to Lisa@CondoJobs.com.

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