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October 18, 2018 - Resident Maintenance Manager

Areas: Jacksonville

Resident maintenance manager for a condominium on Amelia Island, CAM license not required.


* Ability to perform minor general repairs.

* Ability to coordinate with professional contractors on major repairs.

* Understanding of general building construction and maintenance.

* Very strong leadership skills.

* Good communication skills and the ability to build and maintain positive relationships with others, particularly with the manager, residents and guests.

* Computer and phone skills.


* Use of a work order system to perform all daily, weekly, monthly and annual maintenance activities and coordinate with the community association manager.

* Will not work directly for any owner, but will coordinate all activities with the manager.

* Verify that all lighting is operating correctly at walkways, stairwells, hallways, exit signs, elevator, pier, parking lot, etc.

* Inspect the roofing systems and ensure that any contractor working on mechanical, plumbing, or electrical systems clean after their work.

* Daily supervision and evaluation of condition of the community and systems.

* Provide reports on the condition of the association, including the building, pool, parking lot, tennis courts, security gate, elevators, grounds, laundry facilities, boardwalk, lighting, etc.

* Manage the use of facilities, such as the rental of the community room.

* Work with the CAM to negotiate and develop detailed expectations and performance measurements for long term vendors such as grounds keeping, elevator maintenance and pool maintenance.

* Ensure the security of the building and grounds.

* Work with the CAM to recruit, hire, train and supervise maintenance, guard and groundskeeping staff.

* Work with CAM to oversee activities of contract service representatives, such as exterminators, trash collector, major repair contractors, utility service repairers and swimming pool management personnel.

* Assist the manager in the negotiation of binding contracts for cost, timing, detailed job scope and penalty fees for late delivery by the contractor and subcontractors.

* Work with the manager to establish periodic benchmarks for large projects to ensure compliance to the job scope.

Salary and apartment. Job #12550

They list the salary as "based on experience."

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