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July 05, 2018 - Experienced Manager

Areas: Sarasota

Experienced manager for a beachfront association in Siesta Key. Excellent marketing skills for the association's rental program required. Must be computer literate and highly skilled with the internet and email. Maintain strong knowledge of Florida statutes and the condominium documents and advise the board.


* Record Maintenance: Maintain organized files, records and the website.

* Finances: Provide the board with monthly financial statements, compile invoices weekly to be approved.

* Meetings: Attend all meetings of the board, provide management report to provide updates and provide support for meetings.

* Maintenance and Projects: Complete thorough community walks, maintain a list of items which need improvement, ensure contracts are being fulfilled and collect bids.

* Owners and Tenants: Handle all tenant issues, ensure policies are being followed and send out newsletters.

* Office: Maintain consistent business hours, greet all visitors and maintain all areas of the office in a neat and organized fashion.

* Rentals: Enforce terms of the rental agreement, review violations and execute leases.

* Staff: Supervise and direct the duties of employees and manage payroll operations. Job #10732

They list the salary as "based on experience."

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