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September 06, 2018 - Onsite CAM

Areas: Fort Lauderdale

Onsite CAM for a large community in Sunrise. Must be familiar with condominium statutes and common maintenance repairs. Will manage the administration staff.


* Knowledge of personnel procedures: hiring, training, supervising, etc.

* Ability to give direction.

* Ability to relate to and motivate people.

* Ability to train, discipline and fire employees

. * Knowledge of general business management techniques and generally accepted business practices.

* Report, record and file maintenance.

* Knowledge of association policies related to insurance terms.

* Knowledge of requirements in the condominium documents regarding insurance.

* Budget planning and analysis skills.

* Knowledge of financial reports.

* Long and short term financial planning skills.

* Ability to diagnose interior maintenance problems and determine liabilities.

* Knowledge of relevant codes, laws and ordinances; acquire and maintain knowledge of current state condominium laws.

* Knowledge of Florida Statute 718.

* Knowledge of related statutory requirements and association board policies.

* Ability to evaluate the legitimacy of resident requests.

* Ability to refuse non legitimate resident requests.

* Ability to determine when an emergency exists. Job #11887

They list the salary as $70,000-$100,000.

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