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October 19, 2017 - Maintenance Worker

Areas: Sarasota

Maintenance worker needed for a Sarasota association, CAM license not required. Will perform cleaning and maintenance duties to maintain the community, common areas and onsite equipment. Will maintain all equipment in a clean, orderly and functional condition. Will provide assistance to guests, staff and other employees.


* Collect waste and ensure proper waste management procedures are carried out.

* Maintain proper cleanliness for walkways and elevators.

* Check showers on a consistent basis. Ensure they are operating properly and are turned off when not in use.

* Use specialized equipment such as blowers and mowers to perform cleaning duties.

* Perform major and minor repair work around the association, per work order.

* Remove signs of graffiti from walls and windows.

* Ensure grill and patio areas are properly cleaned and maintained.

* Inspect equipment for possible problems and report findings.

* Perform maintenance on equipment and tools.

* Ensure beach chairs are in appropriate areas.

* Assist with construction and remodeling projects.

* Maintain the overall condition of the building and grounds

. * Make sure that the grounds are free of leaves or trash. Job #12436

They list the salary as $14 per hour.

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