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September 02, 2017 - Community Association Manager

Areas: Panhandle

Community association manager for a condominium in Destin. Must have 5 or more years of experience with community associations. College Associate degree or higher preferred. Must have working knowledge of computers, including accounting software, QuickBooks preferred, Word, Excel and Outlook. Must maintain a professional and courteous manner with all residents, vendors, contractors, owners and employees. Appearance must be neat, clean, professional and presentable. The ability to give direction, relate to and motivate people is necessary.


* Provide oversight to employees and schedule work tasks.

* Knowledge of Florida Chapter 718 and condominium documents.

* Must have working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Excel, QuickBooks and other office software applications.

* Must be able to keep and maintain records.

* Ability to read and understand financials, relay information relative to budget creation and expenditures to the board for review and approval.

* Take and transcribe minutes.

* Attend meetings.

* Conduct proper voting procedures.

* Pay invoices and bills within a timely manner.

* Maintain owners' information, email addresses and website.

* Responsible for oversight of the pool, pool chemicals, chemical inventory, repairs and the safe, clean operation of the pool, pool area, pool chairs, umbrellas, tables, pool deck and restrooms.

* Schedule employees' work and designate areas to be kept clean, neat and orderly appearance of the grounds, trash cans, sea walls, parking lots, elevators, hallways, stairs, elevators, walk ways, patios, docks, clubhouse and maintenance supply rooms. Job #11764

They list the salary as $40,000-$60,000.

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