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August 20, 2017 - Portfolio CAM


Portfolio CAM for associations in the Southwest Orlando area. Must have at least 2 years of CAM experience. Portfolio homeowners association experience are preferred, but must also have excellent knowledge of condominium laws.


* Must be proficient in all common Microsoft software, smart phone and tablet technology. Must be able to adapt to advanced community management software and new technology as it is implemented.

* Must possess superb organization and tasking skills. Must be able to work in an environment that does not require constant supervision.

* Must have excellent communication skills and must exercise proper communications etiquette, which includes verbal, written, texting and outstanding interpersonal skills.

* Should be comfortable with an extensive background, social media and reference check.

* Must have an excellent driving record and must provide proof.

* Should have a dependable vehicle in excellent working order.


* Will communicate directly with board members, residents, vendors, local community governments, attorneys and will be interfacing with company staff in a team effort to facilitate outstanding management of each community.

* Will work with advanced management software allowing community inspections to be performed weekly using tablet technology.

* Will develop budgets with the associations and work with budgeting software and financial reports to accurately predict future budgets and to ensure the well being of community finances.

* Must understand and put into practice each community’s governing documents and apply that knowledge to compliance, meetings, mailings and excellent customer service.

* Conduct regular physical inspections of each association for resident and vendor compliance, as well as common area maintenance issues to ensure that the community is kept pristine.

* Must respond to emails and phone calls in a timely manner.

* Attend all scheduled board meetings and are provided the tools to take minutes of those meetings electronically.

* Attend vendor appointments as well as occasional meetings with city or county officials and meetings with the association’s committees.

* Will be mobile and not tied to a desk or time clock.

* Will spend considerable time in the field, working independently with the assistance of the most advanced tools and server access in the industry.

Managers are paid on a pay schedule that rewards them for their growth with the company. Salary, liberal time off for holidays, sick and vacation periods. Job #12346

They list the salary as $30,000-$60,000.

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