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September 27, 2017 - Onsite CAM

Areas: Orlando

Onsite CAM for a 200 unit condominium in Kissimmee. Must have 3 or more years of experience. Will plan, direct and oversee implementation of comprehensive systems for protection of the community assets and records of the association in a professional manner.


* Document, interview and assist residents regarding complaints.

* Direct inspection of premises to detect hazards and to ensure that safety rules are posted and enforced.

* Promptly investigate and makes a full written report of all accidents or claims for property damage and personal injury relating to the ownership and maintenance of the common elements and operation of the association, including damage or destruction to common elements.

* Assist in preparation of monthly financial reports and review same for accuracy and variance trends.

* Maintain a professional relationship with the board of directors and owners, whose requests for services shall be received and recorded so that requests can be acted upon expeditiously. Any serious complaint shall be fully and promptly investigated and reported to the board.

* Assist in monitoring compliance with rules and regulations and shall implement procedures for handling violations. Draft and sign correspondence and required notices in connection with owners who are in violation of the declaration and rules and regulations. Maintain accurate records to follow up on rule violations. Act as liaison with counsel.

* Solicit bids for maintenance, construction and other community projects, participate in the selection of contractors and vendors for furnishing of landscape maintenance, janitorial and maintenance services, water, electricity, gas, telephone, pool maintenance, exterminator service, repairs or reconstruction of structural improvements and preventive maintenance.

* Manage association employees (maintenance technician, grounds keeper) to ensure tasks are completed efficiently and in a timely manner. Job #12324

They list the salary as $50,000.

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