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September 13, 2019 - Manager: $35,000-$50,000

Areas: Fort Myers

Manager needed for a medium sized community with multiple homeowners associations in Fort Myers, 75-100% position, based on experience. Must be experienced with community association management software. To be available onsite up to 50% of the time.



* Accounts payable: Receive invoices, verify, code and produce checks for board signatures and mail to vendors.

* Accounts Receivable: Bill, collect and deposit all maintenance assessments, including late charges and interest penalties into the association’s operating account.

* Make deposits for income such as, clubhouse rentals, resales and rental application fees and lost keys etc. and credit to the proper accounts.

* Delinquent list: Provide to the board an up to date list of delinquent owners.

* Demand letters: Send demand letters for past due maintenance assessments or fines.

* Financial Statements: Prepare financial statements on a monthly basis, including: balance sheet, accounts receivable report , income/expense statement, expense transaction detail report, budget comparison, checks in numeric order report, copies of bank statements with reconciliation reports.

* Income taxes: Coordinate with the CPA in the filing of the state and federal income tax returns.

* Late Letters: Send letters or reminder notices to delinquent owners.

* Liens: Provide to the attorney or collection agency all proper documentation, back up and coordination of filing liens. All owner accounts are flagged to ensure the collection process is complete.

* Reserve Transfers: Reserve transfers from the operating account to the designated accounts shall be made upon the first of each quarter.

* Review Audits: Provide to the auditor the complete facilities, record keeping, back up and personnel to perform an audit or review.

* Special Assessments: Coordinate, bill, collect, monitor and account properly of any special assessments that the association may have throughout the year.

* Prepare Budgets and Budget Meetings: Formulate and prepare preliminary and final budgets for the board to review and coordinate the budget meeting.


* Affidavits: Research and produce official affidavits for proof of notices or mailings. Also, affidavits are produced for closing agents for an owner's payment history.

* Agendas: Produce, write and post meeting agendas.

* Annual reports: Revise and report all changes to the annual corporate reports.

* Applications: Administer, distribute, file, produce applications for alterations, clubhouse reservations, hurricane shutters, improvements, rentals, resales, etc.

* Approvals: Follow board and document procedures in administering and coordinating the approval process for rentals and resales. Prior to the commencement of the approval, process all maintenance fees to verify if the owner is paid in full.

* Board meetings: All board meetings will be coordinated and include scheduling, setting agendas and posting notices, will provide materials for the meeting.

* Copies: Make copies of all incoming and outgoing documents to be made for a master document storage system to ensure a complete record.

* Correspondence: Produce or coordinate all of the association’s official correspondence.

* Enforcement the documents.

* Mass mailings: Mass mailings, notices and newsletters can be produced, coordinated, printed and mailed by the manager.

* Minutes: Provide drafts and final documentation of the minutes for the official records.

Project PUD statements: Complete the information required by lenders to allow them to lend on your community.

* Proxies: Produce and provide limited proxies for meetings.

* Registered Agent: Provide the services of registered agent with the state. This would include being served with any suits on behalf of the association.

* Rental and resale approvals: Coordinate the entire process of rental and resale approval.

* Roster of owners and tenants: Maintain roster of owners and tenants.

* State reports: Receive, process and file all state reports such as annual reports, fee reports and Department of Revenue questionnaires.

* Storage of files: Maintain storage of files.

* Telephone calls: Receive and handle all telephone calls.

* Violation letters: Produce and follow up on all violations.

* Voting Certificates: Produce and provide voting certificates for all meetings showing the designated voters for each unit.


* Alterations: Provide procedures and processing for owner alterations.

* Amendments: Assist the board and attorney in securing amendments to the documents.

* Annual meetings: Plan, prepare and produce the annual meeting notices, proxies and ballots.

*Bidding of Contracts: Provide bidding services.

* Board of Health reports: Receive and act upon Board of Health reports.

* Inspections: Make regular, planned and unplanned visits to the association.

* Insurance: Assist the board and the Insurance Committee with annual insurance bidding.

* Maintenance personnel: Provide reports which summarize past activities and future issues which will affect the association pertaining to personnel.

* Updates to law: Provide to the board members all changes and amendments to Chapters 718 as they become available.


* Maintenance: Provide the board with solutions to ongoing and preventive maintenance problems and bids and quotes. Supervise all employees and contractors.

* Monitor Contracts: Monitor and oversee that all subcontractor work is being performed according to schedules and contract.

* Site visits: Provide site visits on an agreed upon basis.

* Specifications: Assist in developing specifications on special projects for bidding by outside contractors. Job #12625

They list the salary as $35,000-$50,000.

You may email your resume to Lisa@CondoJobs.com

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